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Teacher Appreciation Week Profile: Claudia Swann

May 1st-5th is Teacher Appreciation Week! In honor of all the hard work that our teachers do day-in and day-out we wanted to profile several of our awesome teachers; taking a look at how and why they chose Immanuel to call home.

Claudia Swann is one of two of our 4th Grade teachers here at ICS. She attended the University of Texas at El Paso and attained a degree in Education. Swann was an unlikely addition to the ICS Family, as she is a graduate of Jesus Chapel. She had much success in athletics, specifically volleyball, and always viewed Immanuel as the rivals to the Chargers. So when God opened the doors for her to coach at Immanuel in 2012, and eventually teach in 2016, she calls it “one of the biggest blessings of my life”.

Ms. Swann shared that education was not always the plan for her. She “wanted to go into cosmetology and open a salon. But I have always loved working with kids and knew that I wanted to be a teacher or coach above that.”

Claudia Swann is now the Varsity Women’s Volleyball Coach at Immanuel. She has seen great success on the court, taking our team to the State Championship game in 2021 and 2022. One of her favorite memories at ICS is defeating one of Immanuel’s long time foes, the Westlake Academy Blacksmiths out of Ft. Worth, in our home gym back in 2021.

Thank you Claudia Swann for being a part of our ICS Family, your hard work as an educator and coach is truly appreciated!



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