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Secondary School

Secondary School 

Our secondary program is fully accredited through ACSI. ICS Secondary School consists of a Middle School (grade levels 7-8) and a High School (grade levels 9-12). We offer college driven academics with a foundation in Christian teaching. 

Our extracurricular activities include multiple options: athletic teams made up of football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis; worship and praise band; drama performances; yearbook staff; photography; CISCO training and certification. 

We participate in ACSI competitions such as the Music Festival and the Science Fair as well as encourage intellectual, social, and spiritual growth through our own activities such as SERVE Groups, Adopt-a-Block program, National Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society, school dances, retreats, educational trips. 


As students enter secondary school, the objective is to develop their critical thinking and logic versus memorizing facts and figures. For this reason, our highly trained teaching personnel has created Curriculum Maps that are the driving force for what is expected from our students. They utilize their expertise plus the help of curriculums such as Summit Ministries, Positive Action for Christ, Bob Jones University, and ACSI. 

In addition, ICS has dramatically enhanced the academic offerings by greatly expanding the high school electives, science classes and providing the opportunity to choose from 22 languages through the Rosetta Stone lab. Each of our high school students is given a Chromebook and middle school students have access to a Chromebook cart. Each senior is also required to take an in-depth class on Personal Finance. The school offers a College Prep program and a variety of other programs off-campus that further strengthen academics, such as the Junior Leadership of El Paso, Federal Reserve Student Board of Directors, and Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership. 

The result of the improved academic program has been the 14 National Hispanic Scholars and one National Merit Scholar. In addition, approximately 98% of ICS graduates attend college while the remaining students choose either a trade school or the military. 

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