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Three ICS Students Attend Women in STEM Day at Marathon

On Tuesday, November 8th, Marathon hosted a Women in STEM Day at their local refinery.

ICS Seniors Sofia Gomez, Juliana Hernandez, and Hannah Ayala were chosen to participate in the event.

The day started with opening remarks before a series of presentations from several women who work in various departments at Marathon. The more the 30 young ladies in attendance, from schools across El Paso, had the opportunity learn about various departments at the Marathon El Paso Refinery, from the women who know how to operate them best.

During lunch, a Q&A session was held with a panel of women from Marathon from several different backgrounds.

Attendees participated in a water filtration activity and had the chance to run their water samples over to the on-site lab before going on a detailed tour of the Marathon El Paso Refinery.

Thank you to Marathon El Paso Refinery for putting on this awesome event!

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