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See You at the Pole 2022

Immanuel Christian School participated in the annual See You at the Pole event this morning! See You at the Pole is an event celebrated by young believers across the nation, wherein students lead worship and prayer over our school, city, nation, and world.

After a time of worship, students broke out into several groups to lift up prayers and petitions. Several parents and teachers were in attendance as well. One of Immanuel’s Volleyball Coaches and ICS Parent T. Oney took notice of a high school boy who stepped up to lead a group of adults in prayer. “He was really, you could tell he was filled with the Holy Spirit. He took charge, of us grownups, which was great, it was great to see!” Oney recalled.

Worship Arts teachers Danny Rico and Julianne De Leon led worship for our student body this morning.

“See You at the Pole today could not have happened without our Worship Arts class!” said Worship Arts teacher Julianne De Leon. “Many of them are brand new, and have never done what they’re being trained in before. But the most unique thing, other than the fact that they’re very fast learners, is that they take ownership of the worship/chapel ministry. They take great care in each area they are responsible for. And they love Jesus and put him first! We are very proud of them!”

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