ICS Alumni Participate in Beach Reach

Franklin Peake, Asarela Ceniceros, Coque Quinones

Jorge Quinones (Class of 2020), Franklin Peake (Class of 2021) and Asarela Ceniceros (Class of 2020) have spent the last week on a Mission Trip to South Padre Island, with the BSM at El Paso, called Beach Reach! Beach Reach gives college students a chance to minister to Spring Breakers on the island, through street evangelism, pancake dinners, and free late night van rides. Keep them in your prayers as they close out the week!

Landon Rubi (Middle Right), Jacob Rubi (Far Right)

On another note, our alumni out there were able to meet up with current ICS Students Landon (Class of 2022) and Jacob Rubi while on family vacation!

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