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“Anne of Green Gables” by the ICS Secondary Drama Class

Updated: Dec 31

“Anne of Green Gables” tells the life story of an orphan girl who was unloved until she met her forever family in the Cuthberts. Everyone’s life is forever changed because of one “mistake”.

A special thank you to our Drama teacher Maria Reynolds for all your hard work and guidance for our Secondary Drama class!

Cast List:

Anne- Caroline Reveles

Lucy- Liz Gardea

Rachel Lynde- Carolyn Figueroa

Marilla Cuthbert- Carmen Figueroa

Matthew Cuthbert- Jaden Frecka

Stationmaster/Mr Phillips/Doctor- Christopher Dockens

Mrs Spencer/Jane Andrews/Lucille Harris- Kristen Duarte

Mrs Blewett- Melina Zaragoza

Diana Barry- Valeria Quevedo

Mrs Barry- Viviana Vazquez

Gilbert Blythe- Ivan Rodriguez

Charlie Sloan-Gael Valenzuela

Josie Pye- Hailey Gomes

Ruby Gillis - Andrea Almanza

Aunt Josephine- Stormy Francis

📸 credits: Jael Tinajero

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