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ICS Chromebook Agreement

The Chromebook that has been issued to the student is the property of Immanuel Christian School (ICS).  This Chromebook is on loan to you, during the school year, and must be used in accordance -- both at home and at school -- with the following Chromebook Use Agreement, the School’s Acceptable Use Policy, and any applicable laws. ICS administrative staff and faculty members retain the right to collect and/or inspect Chromebook at any time, including via electronic remote access and to alter, add, or delete installed software or hardware.

Students will receive a Chromebook after the $30 annual usage fee is paid to ICS.  The use of this Chromebook, as well as access to the computer network, the internet, and email, is a privilege and not a right. This Chromebook is a necessary required tool to meet the learning objectives of ICS. Chromebooks must be turned in and inspected on or before the last day of school each year or on or before the last day the student is in attendance at ICS.  

General Use of the Chromebook

  1. The student’s parent/guardian must have signed and returned the Chromebook Use Agreement and have paid the fee prior to the student receiving the Chromebook.
  2. Each Chromebook is assigned to an individual student. Students will never “swap” or “share” their Chromebooks. 
  3. Students will never share their passwords with another student. Passwords should always be kept confidential. 
  4. Chromebooks will be in a student’s possession or secured in a designated secure area at all times.
  5. Students are to bring their Chromebooks, fully charged, to school each day.
  6. Students are to keep their device in a protective case when traveling.
  7. Students are not to remove or interfere with the serial number or other identification and may not remove or change the physical structure of the Chromebook.
  8. Students may not attempt to install or run any operating system on the Chromebook other than the original.
  9. Downloading and streaming music and videos is allowed only for academic purposes.
  10. Students are prohibited from accessing or attempting to access sites that have been intentionally blocked by ICS technology staff.  This will result in disciplinary action. 
  11. Any computer communication will be used only for legitimate and responsible communication between students, faculty, and the outside world. Bullying, rude and abusive communication is not allowed and will result in disciplinary action. 
  12. Any threatening, or otherwise inappropriate language is not permitted on the Chromebook and will result in disciplinary action.
  13. Students are never to share personal information about themselves or others while using the student Chromebook. 
  14. Internet access, e-mail, and other media that are accessed, created or stored on students’ Chromebooks loaned to the students are the sole property of the ICS.  ICS has the right to review these items for appropriateness and to limit or revoke a student’s access to them at any time and for any reason.
  15. Parents/guardians and students do not have a right or expectation of privacy for any use of the Chromebook or ICS’s network. Pornographic, obscene, or vulgar images, sounds, music, language or materials, including screen savers, backgrounds, and or pictures, are prohibited and will result in disciplinary action. 
  16. Violations that involve computer hacking or trespassing, harassment, bullying, or threats via computer, and computer fraud will result in serious disciplinary action.
  17. The student’s parent/guardian must have signed and returned the Chromebook Loan Form Agreement and have paid the fee prior to the student receiving the Chromebook.

General Care of the Chromebook

  1. Students are expected to treat their Chromebook with care.  The Chromebook is the property of ICS and should be kept clean and free of marks at all times. Placing stickers, writing or drawing on, engraving or otherwise defacing the Chromebook is not allowed and will result in disciplinary action.
  2. Students will not use their Chromebook while walking, on the bus, or otherwise being transported. Chromebooks can be fragile, and if they are dropped they may break.
  3. Students should not leave their Chromebooks in an unsupervised area.
  4. Students should protect their Chromebook from extreme heat or cold. Chromebooks are never to be left in a car, even if the car is locked.
  5. Chromebooks are to be protected from the weather, water or other liquid, food, and pets. Students should never eat or drink while using their Chromebook, or use their Chromebook near others who are eating and drinking.
  6. Heavy objects are never to be placed or stacked on top of the Chromebook. This includes books, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.
  7. Students will use care when plugging in their power cords. 
  8. Any inappropriate or careless use of a Chromebook will be reported to a teacher or other staff member immediately.
  9. If the computer is damaged or not working properly, it must be turned in to Mrs. Quinonez’s office for repair. 
  10. Parents/guardians and students are not authorized to attempt repairs themselves, or contract with any other individual or business for the repair of the Chromebook.
  11. If a Chromebook malfunctions outside of school, ICS tech hours are school days from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The student will need to return the machine to Mrs. Quinonez’s office on the first school day following the malfunction.
  12. If the Chromebook is lost or stolen, parents/guardians should immediately report the loss or theft to the administration. 

Students are responsible for the care of their Chromebooks that are loaned to them by ICS during the school year.  This includes protecting the Chromebook while carrying and using the computer.

If a student’s Chromebook is damaged (excluding normal wear and tear), the following charges will be applied to that student’s account.  Replacement costs include: 

  1. $30 for an AC charger
  2. $65.00 for a keyboard
  3. $30.00 for a touchpad
  4. $100 for a broken screen – Screen care includes:
    1. Do not lean on top of the Chromebook.
    2. Do not place anything near the Chromebook that could put pressure on the screen.
    3. Do not poke the screen.
    4. Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (e.g., pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.).
    5. Clean the screen with a soft, dry, anti-static or micro-fiber cloth.  You may also purchase individually packaged pre-moistened eyeglass lens cleaning tissues to clean the screen.  Do not use window cleaner or any type of liquid or water.
  5. $252 for a new Chromebook
  6. Any addition parts in need of replacement range from $9.99 to $100.00. 

Consequences of Inappropriate Use

  1. The use of any ICS technology is a privilege and not a right. Students are expected to use their Chromebooks in accordance with the Chromebook Use Agreement and ICS’ Acceptable Use Policy, and any applicable laws. Failure to use this Chromebook in an appropriate manner will result in the following consequences, as determined by the staff and administration of ICS. 
    1. 1st Violation: The student will lose access to the Chromebook for one week.
    2. 2nd Violation: The student will lose access to the Chromebook for nine weeks.
    3. 3rd Violation: The student will lose access to the Chromebook for eighteen weeks.

      All disciplinary action is subjection to the discretion of the School Principal.  There may be civil or criminal liability under applicable laws.

Immanuel Christian School reserves the right to limit Chromebook use to any student who:

  1. develops attendance issues. 
  2. has disciplinary issues. 
  3. continually does not bring his/her Chromebook to school.  

In such cases, the computer will be collected and kept at school.  The student will be required to check the Chromebook in and out each day.

Students and parents, please sign indicating your understanding of the following statements:

  1. If my student forgets to bring his/her Chromebook to school, he/she will not be given a loaner Chromebook to use.
  2. Only ICS Chromebooks and computers are allowed in the school and on the school network.
  3. My student’s Chromebook must be turned in and inspected on or before the last day of school each year or on or before the last day the student is in attendance at ICS.  Any Chromebook that is not returned by the due date will be reported stolen.
  4. I agree to return the Chromebook, power cord/charger in good working condition at the end of each school year. 
  5. You will comply at all times with the ICS Chromebook Policy Handbook and its guidelines as well as the Baldwin Community Schools Technology Acceptable Use Policy. Any failure to comply may terminate your rights of possession effectively immediately and the school may repossess the property. Chromebooks are assigned to a single individual and are not to be shared. 
  6. Legal title to the Chromebook is ICS and it shall remain the possession of ICS. The student’s right of possession and use is limited to and conditioned upon full and complete compliance with this Agreement and the Chromebook Policy Handbook.
  7. Students not complying with all terms of this Agreement and the Chromebook Policy Handbook, including the timely return of the property, will be declared to be in default.
  8. I agree to pay the full replacement cost of my Chromebook or accessories in the event that any of these items are lost or intentionally damaged. 

ICS Chromebook Agreement Form