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Dress Code Policy

Immanuel Christian School

Uniform Guidelines 2019-2020

Proper dress and grooming play an important role in the life of the Christian school student by indicating a good attitude toward yourself, your peers, your teachers, and God.  Students will be expected to follow the ICS uniform guidelines throughout the school year. The overriding principle guiding the administration is a desire for students at ICS to look modest and neat and be able to focus on studies. Any inappropriate or anti-Christian content on clothing or accessories will not be permitted. The administration has final authority in all matters related to student appearance and reserves the right to request any changes deemed necessary. If you have any questions please contact an administrator.

Pre-K through 11th grade students are required to wear uniforms. 

Seniors can wear the uniform or business casual clothing and follow the guidelines below. Excessive dress code violations will result in the removal of this privilege and the student will then be required to wear the Dennis school uniform.

All uniform items must be purchased from Dennis Uniform except shoes, socks, belts, and boys’ ties.

Only uniform sweaters, hoodies and jackets may be worn in the classroom. Non-uniform jackets/sweaters may be worn in the halls, cafeteria, playground, etc. Hoodies consist of those purchased at Dennis Uniform, and school related organizations.  All non-uniform jackets/sweaters will be removed in the classroom. 


  • Students must wear the school polo shirt in their choice of royal blue, white, or gold.
  • Boys can choose the uniform khaki shorts or pants. PreK-Kinder students can wear denim jeans or shorts.
  • Girls can choose any of the uniform pants, shorts, or skirts. PreK-8th graders also have the option to wear the uniform skorts. PreK-Kinder students can wear denim jeans, skirts, skorts, or shorts.
  • A belt should be worn with belt loops in solid black, brown, or khaki.
  • Students may wear uniform sweaters and jackets or a plain long sleeved shirt underneath the polo (in blue, gold, white, black, or grey).


  • BOYS must wear the white button shirt with school logo, a tie or bowtie (Navy blue or Mayfair plaid), a solid black, brown, or khaki belt (if belt loops are present), and khaki pants. Boys in 7th-12th grade may wear any color tie or bowtie.
  • GIRLS in PreK – 4th grade must wear the Mayfair plaid jumper over a white button blouse with a cross tie (navy or Mayfair plaid). 
  • GIRLS in 5th-6th 5th and 6th grade girls may wear the Mayfair plaid jumper if desired. Otherwise, girls 5th-6th must wear the Mayfair plaid skirt with a white button blouse. A girl’s cross tie is required (either Navy blue or Mayfair plaid) unless a sweater or vest with school logo is worn over it.  There are two options for the white button blouse. The one with the school logo on it can be worn with or without a sweater or vest. The thin white button blouse without a school logo must have sweater or vest over it.
  • Chapel attire may be worn on other days of the week if desired.
  • No chapel dress is required by 7-12th grade students. 


  • Student’s clothing must be the correct size, neither too big/loose nor too small/tight.
  • Clothing may not be dirty, torn, frayed, or have holes.
  • Uniform shirts must be tucked in.
  • NO tattoos temporary or permanent, including writing/drawing on the skin.
  • Modest makeup and nail polish may only be worn by girls in 7th-12th.  Kinder-6th grade girls may wear clear nail polish only, no makeup.  Boys may not wear makeup or nail polish.
  • Shirts may not be sleeveless, low cut, or expose the midriff.
  • Shorts/skorts must be mid-thigh in length.
  • Skirts/dresses must be no higher than 2” above the knee.
  • Elementary girls must wear shorts underneath skirts/dresses.


  • Hair may only be a natural color. Two-tone hair colors (including ombré style) are not permitted.
  • Hair should be styled neat and clean and may not cover the eyes and face.
  • Hair should not be cut or styled in an extreme manner, or have designs cut into it.
  • Boys must be clean shaven.  Sideburns are permitted but may not extend below the earlobe.
  • Boys must cut hair above the ears, eyebrows, and collar.


  • Modest jewelry and accessories are permitted.
  • Boys may not have piercings. Girls may have ear piercings only.
  • Sunglasses, hats/head coverings are not permitted in the school building.


  • PreK – 6th must wear sneakers (any color, no lights or wheels).
  • 7th-12th grade may wear any shoes provided that there is a strap around the heel (no house slippers).
  • Socks should be worn with sneakers and closed shoes in colors that match the clothing. (No-show socks are ok.)
  • Tights and leggings may be worn in colors that match the uniform. No capri length leggings.

P.E. UNIFORM (7th – 12th grade only)

  • Dennis Uniform supplies a grey t-shirt with school logo and navy blue mesh shorts.
  • Dennis Uniform supplies a grey sweatshirt or blue hoodie with school logo for cold weather. Solid navy blue sweatpants may be worn in cold weather and do not have to be purchased from Dennis Uniform. 
  • Students must wear athletic shoes for P.E.
  • Hats are permitted outside.
  • P.E. clothes may not be worn to class.


  • K4-12th may wear the Annual Fund t-shirt (earned by raising donations).
  • 4th-6th may also wear club t-shirts such as student council, etc. 
  • 7th-12th may also wear the class t-shirt or other club shirt such as band, choir, etc.
  • Seniors may wear shirts from colleges they have been accepted to or plan to attend.
  • Students must wear black or blue denim or khaki pants, shorts, or skirts with the club shirt.


  • The t-shirt must display a scriptural message or verse.
  • Students must wear black or blue denim or khaki pants, shorts, or skirts with the Christian t-shirt.
  • Uniform shirts and ICS athletics shirts are acceptable on these days.


  • Student clothing must meet the qualities listed under General Appearance.
  • Shirts may not be sleeveless, low cut, or expose the midriff.
  • No inappropriate content is allowed on clothing.
  • Pajamas, P.E. uniforms, sweatpants, and athletic clothing are not permitted.


Seniors can wear business casual attire daily. Business casual consists of clothing that is less formal than traditional business clothing but still looks professional and business-like. Typically, boys will wear khakis or slacks with an open collared button shirt or polo shirt, perhaps with a sweater over the shirt, sports coats and non-collared shirts may be worn together only, with loafers or nice-looking shoes, not to include tennis shoes. Girls can wear skirts, dresses, slacks or dress pants with blouses. Blouses and dresses must be modest if they are sleeveless. No see through or low-cut clothing whatsoever. Pants, skirts and dresses may not be tight fitting. Jeans, of any color, are not considered business casual attire. Heels may not be over 2 inches high, and skirts and dresses should not be shorter than two inches above the knee. Students are welcome to wear the Dennis uniform at any time with tennis shoes. Any attire not meeting the business casual dress code will require a write up and an immediate change if necessary.