College Guidance

An Academic Counselor is on staff to provide guidance for students in grades 7 through 12. The guidance process includes preparing students for coursework planning, standardized tests and college admission. Parents desiring to meet with the Academic Counselor should make appointments through the school office.

Please note that the services of a licensed professional family counselor (LPC) are available through Immanuel Baptist Church. Parents should contact the church office to make an appointment for professional counseling services.

Below are some helpful links for High School Students:

Graduation Requirements

All students at Immanuel Christian School will graduate under the Recommended Graduation Plan as described in the Texas Education Agency guidelines. Instead of 26 credits, Immanuel Christian School students must complete 30 hours due to the four required bible credits.

Subject Area Credits Required
Foreign Language
Physical Education
Fine Arts
4.0 (8 classes)
4.0 (8 classes)
4.0 (8 classes)
4.0 (8 classes)
4.0 (8 classes)
2.0 (4 classes)
1.0 (2 classes)
1.5 (3 classes)
1.0 (2 classes)
3.5 (7 classes)
0.5 (1 class)
0.5 (1 class)

TOTAL CREDITS REQUIRED  30.0 (60 classes)

Note: Distinguished Warrior Graduates are required to complete 3 years of the same foreign language, take at least one year of Dual Credit courses and submit a final senior project. These graduates must complete 30 credits as well, though one less elective credit is required.

Trascript Evaluation Information

Students coming from other accredited schools, including home schools and international schools (i.e., overseas and Mexico) who wish to graduate from Immanuel Christian School must meet all requirements as set forth by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Only credits from courses approved by the TEA will be accepted.

International students who wish to transfer credits to ICS must request evaluation by the Academic Counselor. Credit for coursework will be granted under the guidelines set forth in the Evaluation of Mexican Transcripts policy available in the Academic Counselor's office.

Standardized Testing

Immanuel Christian School prepares students for college admissions testing by providing practice SAT (PSAT) and ACT (Explore) exams. Students take these exams in school, however the actual SAT and ACT exams are not offered at ICS and must be taken at a local high school.

College Prep Program

All Juniors (11th grade) take an SAT prep course called College Prep which prepares students for the SAT as well as helping students navigate and prepare for the college application processes.

AP Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer high school students a higher level of learning to better prepare them for college. An AP Exam is offered at the conclusion of the course and the student may obtain college credit for the course by achieving a passing score on the exam.

For upperclassmen we currently offer

AP English Language and Composition (English 3), 

AP English Literature and Composition (English 4),

Dual Credit

Dual Credit allows high school students to take courses that will earn both high school and college credit. We currently offer some dual credit courses for 11th and 12th grade students through Howard Payne University. Please check with the Academic Counselor for options and availability.