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Immanuel Warrior December Scholastic Chess Tournament

Immanuel Christian School will be hosting a chess tournament on December 2nd, 2023! See Registration info below, and use the online form at the bottom of the page to register!

Events & Fees

  • Unrated-$5

  • USCF Rated-$10


  • Boys & Girls Unrated: K-8th, 9th-12th

  • US Chess Rated Event: K-8th, 9th-12th

  • All Girls Unrated: K-8th, 9th-12th

  • All Girls US Chess Rated Event: K-8th, 9th-12th

Tournament Info

  • All sections game control G25;d0

System of Competition

  • 4 rounds-Swiss System

Round Time

  • First round starts at 10 AM

  • No eliminations

  • Following rounds start immediately after the previous round ends.

Entry Fee & Registration

  • Unrated-$5

  • USCF Rated-$10


  • Please register online as early as possible. (Early entries help ensure a smooth event.) NO refunds. NO player substitutions allowed. 

  • No online entries accepted after 4 PM on 12/01/23

Late Entry Fee (on-site day of the event):​​

  • $10 for unrated sections (CASH ONLY)

  • $20 for US Chess Federation Rated sections (CASH ONLY)

  • On-site registration will be offered ONLY if there is room left in the event from 8:45 AM-9:30 AM in Fellowship Hall.

  • All on-site late registrants will receive a first-round half-point bye. This means they will not play in the first round, and they will start playing in round 2. This will help us start the event on time. 

Player Check-In

  • 9 AM-9:30 AM in person

  • If players are not marked present in the Unrated section, they will be removed from the tournament and they forfeit registration fee.


  • Limited number of sets will be provided for tournament.

  • Scoresheets for the Rated section are provided.

  • Yellow score sheets are players copy and white must be filled out and signed by both players and submitted to TD. They become property of affiliate. 

  • Players should bring pencils or pens to take notation. Please bring a digital chess clock if you have one. (LABEL it with your name!) Limited clocks provided for use to only US Chess event. 

  • Clocks and boards for sale.

US Chess Federation Memberships

  • Membership is required for the rated events. Obtain this BEFORE registering for the tournament.

  • It must be paid for and valid (non-expired) for the month of December 2023

  • Tournament Directors will verify the membership on the US chess Federation website. 

  • Purchase or renew a US Chess Federation membership online at

  • Please DO NOT select the option to "Pay Later" since that will not give you a valid expiration date. Membership fees are $20 per year for players under age 19. 


  • US Chess Members may win TROPHIES for top 3 individuals in each section

  • Players in Unrated sections will be awarded medals for top 3 winners in each section


  • A scholastic team will consist of students who attend the same school and play in the same section. 

  • The team score will be determined at the conclusion of the tournament to include the top four scores from that team. 

  • A school must have a minimum of two players in the same section in order to compete for a team award. 

  • A team may have any number of members, but only the top four scorers will count toward team competition.

  • Please contact affiliate for further details and help with sign-ups for team rosters.

  • Trophies for all sections awarded to top 2 schools.


  • Homeschool students may play as a team if they are members of (1) the same nuclear family or (2) a support group or co-op that provides academic learning (not just chess). 

  • Homeschool students who want to play as a team must contact Renate Garcia in advance of the tournament to get a team code (if their organization meets the TCA definition of a homeschool team).

  • Homeschooled student may not play for a public school.

Publishing Consent Form

  • Coaches, please ensure that each player signs our Publishing Consent form.  

Algebraic Notation

  • Required for all players in the US Chess Rated section. 

  • Notation sheets must be signed and completely filled out by players.

  • Yellow copy is the players copy.

  •  White sheet is turned in to the TD. 

  • Both players must sign.


  • Snacks will be sold. Cash Only.

For Tournament Registration Questions:

Tournament Director

(915) 256-7783 


Select Tournament Event:

Select an item ($)

Thank you for registering for the Immanuel Warrior December Scholastic Chess Tournament!

Online entry is closed. You may register in person at tomorrow's event, while space is available.

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