Open Enrollment

Enrolling is underway for our 2020-21 School Year. Please call our school office at (915) 778-6160 ext. 101 or 105 for more information.

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Changes 2019/2020

Changes for (7th-12th grade)

    Tests and Exemptions:

  • There are no exemptions…because there are no semester exams or final exams.


  • TWO unexcused tardies = ONE unexcused absence
  • FIVE unexcused absences due to tardiness = ONE make-up day at the end of the semester at the cost of $80.


 For every absence a student must have to appropriate release form completed:

  • Excused absence: release form (absence contract) 
  • Sick
  • Family Emergency
  • Unexcused absence (pre-approved by Admin): release form (unexcused absence contract)
  • Pre-Approved vacations (work completed upon return)
  • Sporting Events (work completed upon return)
  • Unexcused absence (not approved by Admin): zeros for work missed
  •  TEN unexcused absences (approved or non-approved) = One make-up day at the end of the semester at the cost of $80. 
  •  Absences over 10 days per semester continue to follow state rules for attendance.

     Dress Codes: 

  • ONE week of dress code grace: First week of school!!
  • FIFTH Dress Code: Meeting with parents as a reminder that the sixth infraction will result in the following consequences:
  • SIXTH Dress Code: ISS for full-day (allowed to do work)
  • SEVENTH Dress Code: OSS for full-day (zeros for all work missed)
  • Dress codes are accumulated ALL YEAR!!

   Project Serve:

  • Four Groups for MS and four for HS:
    • Worship/Drama – DeLeon/Zaragoza (HS/MS)
    • Welcome – Martinez (HS)/Imperial (MS)
    • Ministry – Epperson (HS)/Gutierrez (MS)
    • Students – Campos (HS)/Torrez (MS)

   Great Fridays:  The FIRST Friday of every month!! 

  • 8:00 to 10:00 – Chapel:  Worship, Drama, and Special Speaker
  • 10:15 – Leave to the Assigned street with your GF group
  • 11:00 – Meet at Park by Library (Games): Tentative Activity
  • 11:30 – Release Students/All Teachers on Duty

ALL STUDENTS must be off campus by 11:30 or will accrue daycare fees!!

The following changes were emailed last week for review.  Please initial each section and sign below by printing your name, your child(ren)s name(s) and then signing the form.  This form must be signed before registration is complete. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask to meet with Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Campos during the first week of school.

Click here to print Changes 2019/2020 Form and sign.