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On-Campus Learning vs. Virtual


March 29, 2021

Topic: Why On-Campus Learning vs. Virtual

We have been blessed this year to offer both on-campus and virtual learning and the majority of our students are back on campus during this final quarter of the year.  We have also been blessed to offer HighFive as an option for virtual learning because it allows students to be a part of the classroom here at ICS as if they were here on campus.  However, virtual learning even with HighFive, is not the same as on-campus learning. 

Today, I want to share several reasons why I believe on-campus learning is more effective than virtual learning, including:

  1. On-campus learning provides emotional support, engagement, and routines for students.
  2. Being on campus provides the opportunity for students to socialize.
  3. Face-to-face instruction is important because teachers can look students directly in the eye and gauge their learning progress.  It is difficult to gauge a student’s understanding of a concept on a screen and to witness her body language, whether it be positive or negative.
  4. Teachers can control distractions in the classroom but have little to no ability to control what happens in the home.
  5. Let me close with the following quote.  “The value of the physical classroom, especially children learning to read and write, cannot be overstated.  ‘There are things that are central – being able to decode words and getting feedback…’” – Matthew Cruger, a neuropsychologist at the Child Mind Institute

However, we do recognize that there are legitimate reasons why parents keep their children in a virtual learning environment and we respect that as a school.  As you are praying about next year, I ask you to take the above factors into consideration.


Mrs. Davis