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Why enroll and keep your children at Immanuel Christian School


Why enroll and keep your children at Immanuel Christian School

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel with the Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball teams to the TCAF State Tournament in Big Springs and Arlington. Let me tell you not what I saw, but what I experienced.  

The first, and the most minor reason, is the quality of our coaches and the talent of our student-athletes.  Despite all the obstacles faced with Covid including three weeks of no practice before the tournament, our girls finished in 3rd place and our boys finished in 4th place in the State of Texas.

Second, our student-athletes prayed for each other, prayed freely, and prayed openly.

Third, our student-athletes set a godly example everywhere they went, including the basketball court.  I remember when we left, Coach Rubi set the expectations by meeting with everyone beforehand.  That was the last time he had to remind them because, from that point forward, I saw the student-athletes reminding each other of the expectations and holding each other accountable. I remember eating at the restaurant the final night and it was almost midnight. I had an opportunity to speak with our waiter and waitress after most had left and both shared that they had just served the best group of students they had ever had.

Last, our student-athletes encouraged each other. I already mentioned how they prayed for each other but I also experienced their cheering for each other, singing together, laughing together, and crying together. It was an emotional roller coaster for me but it reminded me of why parents enroll and keep their children at Immanuel Christian School. Yes, we are an academic institution, but there is so much more at ICS!

John R. Davis