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Warriors Arise, Annual Giving Campaign


September 17, 2020

Thank you for your support for the “Faith Climb!”  It was a successful fundraiser for three reasons: we reached our goal, the hike was completed in one day, and God received the glory.  The funds went to purchase our UV Light Disinfection Machine, which is being used each school day to kill the viruses in our school and church.

Now that we have completed the “Faith Climb” successfully, we have launched the Annual Giving Campaign.  Funds raised for the Annual Giving Campaign are being split among COVID supplies (75%) and technology resources (25%).  We ask that each family pray and consider being engaged in this process.  If each family would give what they could, we will meet our goal of $50,000.  We have purchased our first round of COVID supplies including standing disinfecting machines, close to 100 gallons of 70% isopropyl alcohol as well as cleaning materials for every classroom in the school.  

If you would like more information regarding the Annual Giving Campaign, please contact me through email,, or by phone, (915) 778-6160.  You can donate by contacting the school office or using the “Donate” button at the bottom of the main page of the school’s website,  Thank you for sharing your children, time, and resources to make Immanuel Christian School the best!

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All for God’s Glory,

John R Davis

Immanuel Christian School

Head of School