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     Motivation has so many definitions attached to it, but the one that resonates with me is a desire or willingness to do something.  During this challenging time, I have noticed a lack of motivation with individuals in general, whether it be work-related, relationship-related, or spiritually related.  When adversity or trying times come, it is so easy to wait until tomorrow to finish something because we don't feel like doing anything.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just wave a magic wand and have everything fall into place without lifting a finger?  Such as, our children being motivated to do their schoolwork without prodding, our job being the best thing that ever happened to us, or financial blessings falling like leaves from a tree.  Definitely not reality, right?
     How do we stay motivated and teach the principle of staying engaged? In my own life, goal setting,  which is individual and also public helps me stay on track.  If I make a goal public with another person they become my accountability partner.  An accountability partner helps encourage me and keeps me on the path to reach my goal.   I think that every student should have an accountability partner that shares the same goals and encourages them to stay motivated no matter what curveball is thrown at them.  A parent should not be an accountability partner, they should be what I call an enforcer.  An enforcer looks at the goal, but they provide rules and protocols for their child so that they can reach their goals.  Too often a parent attempts to be a friend to their child when they should stay as the parent- the one who sets guidelines and time frames to complete the goal.
     During this pandemic, it has become easy to feel isolated, to develop negative attitudes, and to stop trying.  If we are locked down, it is difficult to find that friend to set goals with, but through social media, facetime, and cellphones, it is easy to stay connected.  It should be someone who is like-minded, strong in character, and a godly person who has your best interest at heart.  Parents, I encourage you to have that friend to hold you accountable to your goals and stay motivated, and to watch over your child's friends and influences.  Teach them to look for students who desire a great future, a heart of compassion for others, and good study habits.  Being motivated starts with us! 
Much love,
Mrs. Linda Johnson