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College Prep Program

The heart of the guidance program for the high school centers around a proprietary program called PathWays to Fulfillment, which is taught during a year-long course called College Prep.

This program begins with the belief that students must have an academic foundation that is built upon cultural literacy - a broad knowledge of those concepts that provide the "filler" information needed to improve literacy and therefore achievement on standardized tests. Next, the students must be provided with 21st century skills training to prepare them for the transition to any post-high school educational or career path. Students are then taken through a series of assessments to help them develop a personal plan and resumé. Finally, students are guided through an extensive college admissions process which includes activities in the areas of the college search, application process and financial aid.

The College Prep course is taught using the PathWays to Fulfillment Manual, 4th edition authored by the instructor. The manual is divided into five main "pathways" as follows:

  1. Literacy Lane - providing background knowledge and literacy skills
  2. Skills Street - providing 21st century skills training for both educational and vocational career paths
  3. Personal Plan Place - developing a personal plan to identify strengths through personality, career and spiritual gifts assessments
  4. College Circle - providing PSAT and SAT test preparation and training, as well as extensive college admissions plan development
  5. Resource Road - providing reference materials for personal study

The program is for college selection and placement begins with an extensive college search and admissions training accomplished as part of the College Prep class during a student's junior year. Internet searches, DVD presentations and college search and admissions worksheets are all used to help students narrow their college choices.